1 Piece Handwoven Hunting Design Carpet Art Tapestry to US

Release date:2019-07-19

On Jul.19, 2019, we pack 1 piece pure hand knotted silk hunting design carpet art tapestry to US.
This 2.5x4ft(76x121cm) hunting design art silk tapestry is tightly hand knotted ,which is made of natural silk.It takes one skilled weaver about 9 months to complete.
This rug is real pure hand knotted rug.Every hand knotted rug is unique,has a long service life.The only 1 left 2.5x4ft handwoven silk rug is sent to a lucky customer from US.
If you like our hand knotted silk rugs, please feel free to contact us now, we will try our best to help find the perfect pieces!



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